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At the Center for Natural Healing, we offer a variety of Weight Loss Programs and Healing Modalities to assist YOU on your journey to health and wellness!

Because everyone is unique, an individualized comprehensive treatment package is created especially for you to accomplish your personal health goals, optimal weight and desired vitality. Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff becomes your private health coach, encouraging you while providing you with the appropriate medical testing, recommendations and treatments to support your mind, body and spirit.

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Women’s Health Clinic in Honolulu

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, N.D., L.a.c. at The Center for Natural Healing in Honolulu Hawaii offers women of all ages from pediatric, teenager, middle age and senior women access to a more natural medical path using Naturopathic, Holistic and Traditional Chinese Healing Programs for all women of Oahu, Hawaii, as well as travelers visiting the Honolulu, Hawaii area!

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff’s Naturopathic Programs are perfect for women seeking natural, non-invasive solutions for treating their health issues. She assist women restore their health by bring the whole body back into balance. Dr. Ostroff has experience treating female patients with any health condition from: puberty counseling, acne, hormone imbalances, PMS, irregular cycles, mood disorders, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, menopause, Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments, weight-loss, clinical nutrition, digestive issues, as well as, chronic conditions such as: Graves’ disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Cancer and more.

Our Popular Treatments & Programs

  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Zerona Body Contouring
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Acupunture
  • Skin Disorders
  • Massage & Alignments

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Hawaii’s best Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncturist received the 2014 Best of Honolulu Awards for Physicians & Surgeons.

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff is a primary care physician, specializing in comprehensive naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

She is also the founder of The Center for Natural Healing located in Honolulu.

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What our clients say

  • I’ve started to see significant difference in my well-being. I’ve gotten great sleep over the past weeks. I’ve been craving food less and I have more energy and my mood has improved. Thank you!

    Tara S.
  • Dr. Ostroff has been such a blessing to me. When I first came to her I was very toxic, had high blood pressure, anxiety and more issues. After a year of seeing Dr. Ostroff all symptoms have been relieved. I believe in the practice of naturopath and Dr. Ostroff’s advice. I would recommend everyone to her. Thank you Dr. Ostroff for everything and being such a wonderful and beautiful person that you are!

  • The first time Dr. Ostroff sat down and talked to me, I told her about my years of struggling with hypothyroidism. I suffered for about 4 years of constant fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, mood swings, and complete absence of a menstrual cycle. After coping with these symptoms, my main concern was the absent menstrual cycle she tested me, changed my thyroid medication, and within days I had my period! (Which I haven’t experienced in almost 2 years!) I am still on my way to full recovery and balancing my thyroid levels completely, but this is the best I felt and most results I’ve seen through these years!

    Thank you!


Our Women’s Health Programs

Apart from our Weight Loss Programs we offer an extended range of Women’s health Programs. Check out one of the programs or go to the Women’s Health Programs section.

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