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Welcome to Weight Loss Hawaii!

At the Center for Natural Healing, a Hawaii health clinic, we offer a variety of weight loss programs and healing modalities to assist you on your journey to holistic health and wellness!

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I came to Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff May 1995, I weighed 180lbs, had migraine headaches, allergies, and terrible eating habits. In the one year plus with Dr. Ostroff's advice on diet, natural remedies, and general over all health. I lost 30 lbs, changed my eating habits. I cut out all dairy products started drinking a wonderful green tea. I take feverfew, and migrafee for my headaches, and supplements. I feel great, I have more energy to the things I always wanted to do. I never could have done it without the knowledge and education of Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. Everyone should have a counselor to guide and educate them. I know I could not have done this alone.

Nora Doran October 15, 1997

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