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The Skinny on Getting Skinny




Get the Skinny on Getting Skinny

How long have you been trying to get skinny?  How many books have you read about how to lose weight? The ‘Skinny on Getting Skinny’ is the last book you will ever need to read to achieve goals of weight loss and overall health. That’s because this book does what others do not: it shows you how to achieve succesful, healthful, weight loss and balance of body, mind and spirit using basic powers you already processed. The Skinny on Getting Skinny looks like a book, but is really a tool that can help you release your potential to achieve your goal.
If you are ready to build a lasting foundation for weight loss and a health You, then this book is the key that will open the doors. Dr. Ostroff is no stranger to the pathways to skinny and health that she outlines in lighthearted yet comprehensive detail in this books, and that’s because she lived it! Each chapter introduces you to convenient, enjoyable habits that have been “doctor tested” and will lead you to a skinnier, healthier life. Now is the time to throw off the burden of unhealthy weight and lighten up your life. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

April 2016