The Joy of Eating for Moms and Their Kids




The Wisdom of Well Being: The Joy of Eating for Moms and Their Kids

A Resource Guide containing nutritional rules and guidelines, plus some easy to prepare, easy to digest & quick to create recipes.

Nutrient Knowledge:

The ABCs of Vitamin A
Make B Vitamins Your Buddies
C is for Citrus and Other Cool Things
D is for the Daylight Vitamin
E is for Everyone Needs Vitamin E
K is for Kale and Vitamin K
The Miracle of Water
Making Friend with Fiber
Charge Up with Carbohydrates
The Power of Protein
Good Fats for Good Health
Your Body and Food
A Recipe for Healthy Bones
Breakfast is for Champions
Making Friends with Good Bacteria
The Eyes Have It
Sensational Sweets
Something Doesn’t Smell Right!

Exploring Your Food:

Are You Nuts about Nuts?
Great Whole Grains
What’s Fake in Your Food?
How To Love a Lima Bean!
Please Pass the Salt
Reading Nutrition Labels
Spice It Up!
Where Does Your Food Come From?
Oh Boy, Soy!
Love Those Legumes!