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Weight Loss Retreat Center

Imagine how it would be to take a 1-4 week vacation in Hawaii, and come back feeling 10 years younger, 10 lbs lighter, and returning with more energy and vitality then you have ever had!

At the Center for Natural Healing, established in 1989, we offer customized detox and healing programs which will provide you with the best natural healing services on the islands. You will work hand in hand with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff during your stay to get your health back on track, and also to enjoy a healthy and relaxing stay in Hawaii. Revitalize your life! Call today! (808)-373-9966.

Our Natural Healing Retreat Center is now available for booking.   Your stay will include a fully equipped private studio as well as exclusive visits and services with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff.

Services include:

– Diagnostic testing, nutrition assessment and individualized recommendations.

– Physical medicine, including acupressure, acupuncture, spinal and cranial alignment.

– Lymphatic drainage treatments, massage therapy, whole body vibration, and far infra-red saunas.

– Naturopathic remedies as recommended and necessary to assist with your healing,

– Weight Loss and pain laser treatments, bio-feedback, EAV testing, Zerona &/or Ultra Slim body sculpting.

– Personalized life-style counseling to assist you in reaching your highest levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and self Love.

Call today to book your Health Retreat!  It will be the most wonderful and life-changing vacation you will ever have!

Please submit your name, email, phone # and your desired dates. We will call to confirm or to offer alternate and available dates.  

Much Aloha,

Dr. Joy and the entire team at the Center for Natural Healing ~